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“Get out of your comfortzone, chase your dreams, develop your skills, change your environment, take control, follow the money, move until you find IT, grow up, train/educate yourself to become the best you”…are just some modern life goals most of us have on our long to do lists. Our old list was no exception, but was it really bringing us happiness or success? Or did we need to create our own open, accepting environment: being in a true comfortzone, finally.

The idea for ZoZenenZo started when Anika worked as an IT-consultant and Kees as a project manager. Anika started her career according to the 'up or out' principle. Anika went up, but it still didn't feel like the right direction. There were targets, in sales and in personal development. Training and courses helped increase her value, but didn't really boost her confidence or happiness. There's always that next step career wise, there's always something to improve. But are you really using your full potential though? The pursuit continued.

In 2017 we moved to Indonesia, where we managed an eco diving resort for a couple of years. Before we left, we already knew that we wanted to set up our own retreat. But we still had no idea where and first wanted to gain more know-how. This experience also sparked our concerns about climate change, the plastic problem and the way animals and nature are treated.

We are all connected, all part of a delicate but highly intelligent natural ecosystem. That is, if we as humans want to be. Right now as humans you could say we are more part of an egosystem rather than eco-. Because of this imbalance, the world is actually slipping out of our hands. Which is kind of weird, because if we would just listen to our natural instincts more, we would notice it’s all there; the know-how, the urge to do good (there are always exceptions), to choose an apple over putting our teeth into a bunny and to feel uneasy about pesticides.

Maybe we should stop our attempt to control everything, and rather invest a lot more in finding our way back to a natural balance. Isn’t that what actually makes the world go round? A future stay @ZoZenenZo is therefore vegan and based on permaculture.


When you check in, you symbolically seal all your current musts in an envelope. After that you're ready to make a bag or table out of waste products and will be able to see the forest for the trees again, while befriending Tofu the pig. Most of our animals are very understanding as they have been rescued and are also recovering from stressful situations. So meaningful, healing connections will probably arise.

Since May 2021 we found THE place and for the first time we have the feeling "This is it!" The dream is still under construction, but we're adding to it weekly and are almost ready to invite you over to be zen here with us.

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on our way to our happily ever after

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